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This is an integrated Muster Processing. The software is for single day process where there is no night shift and shift time of employees does not change frequently. Useful in Offices / Schools / Shops / Hospitals etc. The operation is identical to the maintenance of manual muster, and all operations are fully automatic, so it is extremely easy to use and no specialized person is required to handle the operations.

As soon as the program is started, the transferred data is converted and stored in database. The data is posted in the muster and you are ready to view any report. No processing required.

In a day you can register In/Out and Lunch Out/Lunch In punches. Besides these 4 punches, up to 32 punches for In/Out can be registered using reason card for On duty or personal work out & In activities.

Muster is initialized for each month with holidays, Week off and any specific considerations for second week off like Half-Day working, alternate second week off or all second week off. For each employee, you can define arrival, departure and lunch time. Late, Early and overstay is computed based on this values.

You can view attendance information for one employee on all dates or all the employees on a single date. At the end of the month, muster together with the final summary for payroll is generated which the Salary Processing program can pick up.

Note: UPS strongly suggested. Though the Software works on any computer with Windows, 32-bit computer suggested for better performance

  • Works on Windows Platforms
  • Multi-user, Easy to use & user friendly
  • No processing step required
  • Transfer data from Attendance Recorder and generate reports of any period
  • Maintains log of activity
  • Three levels of User with Password protection
  • Time duration for Duplicate Punch - User definable
  • No. of Short Leave per month with duration can be defined
  • On duty work can be allowed till Lunch or till end of shift
  • Minimum hours for Over Stay / Over Time can be defined
  • Status marked for both half as PRE / ABS / MIS / HLF / WO / SWF / SWH / HOF / HOH / POW / POH / PSW / Any of Leave Type
  • Punching can be: Single punch to mark Present OR Two IN punch for both Half to mark Present OR Normal punch IN/OUT with/without Lunch punch
  • Total 36 punches per day supported
    • 12 punches for On-duty (with reason card)
    • 12 punches for Personal work
    • 6 punches for Over Stay after shift end
    • 2 punches for Normal IN/OUT
    • 2 punches for Over Stay before shift start
    • 2 punches for Lunch IN/OUT
  • Missing punch can be treated as Missing / Present / Absent / Half day
  • Automatic posting of punches for Over Stay / Personal work / On Duty / Flexible lunch etc
  • Multi-company, Department, Category, Designation support.
  • Back date leave Modification, Reports
  • Holiday can be Full / Half
  • Second Week Off can be declared for various combination like Full / Half / Alternate
  • Adjustment of day for Normal Day / Full Holiday / Half Holiday/ Second Week off / Half Second Week off. The day adjustment can be on selected Department / Category / Employee(s).
  • Multiple day adjustment possible e.g. in school vacation can be declared for many days as Holiday
  • Flexible Lunch time for those who have no fix lunch time
  • Over Stay / Over Time calculation for the regular shift time as well as for those who work in break shifts
  • Over Stay / Over Time / Time loss can be rounded off to multiple of 5 minutes to Higher / Lower side. It can be rounded every time OR total can be rounded
  • Photograph of employee in Master file and in the edit voucher
  • Generates payroll summary for payroll (ASCII file)
  • Backup / Restore facility
  • Exemption from punching
  • User definable leave. Maintains Leave balance, Leave card
  • Option to mark Absent / Half day automatically, in case of late comers

  • Absenteeism, Card History, Daily Reports (Daily with detail, On Duty, Over Stay, Over Time, Personal Work,Time Loss), Master files, Missing Punch, Leave with Opening / Closing balance, used leave, Muster- Detail and Summary, Shift in, Punch data.
  • Reports can be taken in any combination of Department / Category / Designation / Date / Employee Code wise.
  • Page break after main group can be given e.g. Department.
  • Some of the reports allow you to hide some columns.

  • Multiple Holidays can be declared for vacation
  • Teachers can punch in breaks
  • Saturday (Second Week Off) can be adjusted in different combination.

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